MinelifeRoleplaying, survival, adventure, creativity.

Welcome to Minelife, an open-to-the public hardcore survival server!

Player-created towns, player-driven economy and unrestricted PvP.

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Look, I'm not going to sugar-coat this. Running this thing is expensive, and money is what keeps the whole ship afloat. Just between you and I, I'd really appreciate it if you helped keep the lights on.

Hang on though, you should get something out of this too. So that's why if you donate, you'll get something special. You'll also get preferred status when trying to access a full server (we boot some peon for your royal highness).

With VIP status you get:

Additionally, everyone who has donated 10€ or more during their MineLife, gets a green playername on the server forever.

Don't forget to include your Minecraft username when donating, otherwise we can't identify which player the donation came from!

Gift - 10 gold - 15 gold
+ VIP for 1 month
- 40 gold
+ VIP for 2 months
- 100 gold
+ VIP for 4 months
Amount Donated (just once) €2.00 €5.00 €10.00 €20.00
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