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Well, there's rules. What a shame. Ensure you don't break them, or you could be banned. Gasp! Don't worry, if you're ever banned or accused of griefing, you can state your case at the Grief Report Forum. You'll have the right to confront your accuser, or apologize for all those pesky misgivings. The rules are as follows:

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Damn right you do. Now go play in the sandbox. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Play the way you want. And if you see someone stepping on toes and breaking the rules, report them to the Grief Report Forum.


How to survive in Minelife?

Minelife has a custom-made plot claiming mod, made by rasco. It claims a 9x9x9 area that only you, and anybody who you share to the claim, can build, break, open chests, furnaces, and doors, and activate most redstone appliances in. You can punch an existing claim with a torch to see who its owner it is, and how much energy it has. Its borders are shown with glass on the edges, assuming other blocks aren't in the way.

A claim costs 3 gold nuggets. You can make a claim by following these steps: You can remove your claim, which gives a refund of your 3 gold nuggets, and logs equivalent to the claim's energy (minus 500, which is refunded through the 3 gold nuggets, and divided by 50, since that is how much each log upgrades the claim's energy). If you upgraded the claim with gold blocks, you will still receive logs as refund. You will read about upgrading and energy in the next section.
Image A newly claimed plot of land.

Energy, Upgrading, and Raiding
Claims have energy. If the energy level of a claim reaches 0, the claim, however not its contents, will disappear. The energy of claims slowly regenerates if the energy level is lowered. The maximum amount of energy a claim can have is 50,000. You can upgrade your claim's energy with logs (adds 50 energy) or gold blocks (15,000 energy) by following these steps:
1. Turn claim toggle on.
2. Place the logs (if holding more than 16, 16 at a time will be consumed) or a gold block (only hold a SINGLE gold block at a time, or it will not work!) somewhere on the claim, and the claim energy will be raised.
However, claims can be raided. This is accomplished by hitting a block on the claim with a sword every 5 seconds, and the claim energy will be lowered. Wood swords take away 4 energy, stone 8, iron 12, and diamond 16. But since claims regenerate energy, it is more resource and time efficient to raid in groups.

Commands and Other Info
Commands involving claims:
/claim toggle - Toggles claiming mode
/claim sell [price] - (Do not include [ ]'s when using command.) Puts your plot up for sale. Cancel by making price 0.
/claim buy - Buys a plot that is up for sale.
For /claim buy and /claim sell, you must be inside the plot for it to work.
Keep in mind that plots can not overlap, meaning that if there isn't a 9x9x9 area without another claim in it, a claim will not be able to be made. Claims can be inside town claims, which you will read about in the next section.

Towns and Sponges
Town claims are made by placing a sponge. If right-clicked on, your spawn point will be moved to that sponge. Sponges can be bought at spawn for $20,000 (200 gold ingots).Towns start with 50,000 energy, and create a spherical claim. They can only be upgraded with logs, and for every 10,000 energy added to the town, the town's claim radius increases by 1. The town also expands 25% downwards, and 75% upwards of the horizontal expansion.

However,towns, instead of regenerating energy, decay energy. The decay of a town depends on the area of the town's claim and how many people visit it each day. You can punch a town claim with a torch to see the town's
name, owner, radius, energy, visitor degree, and decay per minute.
The town owner can also add builders and managers. Builders can build and break blocks within the town, but cannot make claims, and their claims are taxed. Managers can build and break blocks within the town, as well as make claims, and their claims are not taxed. If there is a claim inside of a town, and it is not owned by a manager or the owner, it will be taxed about $10 per day, although gradually.

NOTE: Be careful where you place your sponge; once placed, it cannot be picked back up!

Town Commands (Do not include brackets when using command):
/town addbuilder [playername] - Adds a builder.
/town removebuilder [playername] - Removes a builder.
/town listbuilders - Lists all builders in the town.
/town addmanager [playername] - Adds a manager.
/town removemanager [playername] - Removes a manager.
/town listmanagers - Lists all managers in the town.
/town transfer [playername] - Transfers ownership to a new player.
/town rename [newname] - Gives the town a new name.

Money and Chest Shops
Minelife has a plugin for money. 1 Gold can be sold for $100 at spawn, or 1 gold bought for $100. Money can also be used at player-made chest shops. To see how much money you have, type /money. To pay someone, type /pay [playername] [amountofmoney].

Chest shops are a way players can sell items for a set amount automatically. To interact with a chest shop, you left click to sell an item (if sell option is available) and right click to buy (if buy option is available). It will then sell or buy a set amount of an item for a set amount of money. However, the correct item name or ID must be used, and the chest must be stocked. To make a chest shop, place a chest, and above it against a block, a sign. To make the chest shop functional, follow this layout: For example, if player snoopyk9 wanted to sell 32 Baked Potatoes for $50, he would type: Keep in mind, the buy or sell options are relative to the person using the shop, not the owner.
Image An example chest shop by snoopyk9 that sells Rotten Flesh for in-game $1.

To speak globally, start with *. To shout, start with ! (100 block range). To speak locally, don't start your
typing with anything (20 block range).

Additional Server Information
Minelife has one owner: rasco. However, we have many mods, the main being Whoknow. Mods can and will jail or mute when necessary. The map's boundaries are 2,000x2,000.

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